A 3 years MoU signed between the Federation of African Engineering Organization (FAEO) and IHIP

On April 12th, both boards of the Federation of African Engineering Association and IHIP signed a detailled MoU for the next 3 years. This MoU will facilitate the coordination between Engineering and Humanitarian organizations in Africa related to infrastructure works.

This MoU details how both of organization will join forces to promote a shared agenda. Building on the Conditions Of Particular Application to conditions of contract for humanitarian works, IHIP will share its knowledge and coordination mechanism with the members of the humanitarian sector. FAEO will share its network of qualified members throughout Africa. Crossed participation through working groups, workshops and conferences will allow best practices and consolidation of feedback to equip the sector with strong de risking procurement updates.

The common goal is to have local based engineering solutions to contribute as much as possible to the humanitarian response in Africa.

IHIP signs agreement with the LALIVE law firm to conduct legal review of IHIP COPA on a pro bono basis.

The International Humanitarian Infrastructure Platform (IHIP) and LALIVE SA (LALIVE) agreed on 3 March 2022 that LALIVE will assist IHIP on a pro bono basis on the legal review of the Conditions of Contract IHIP has published for humanitarian settlement


LALIVE construction lawyers advise clients from around the world on complex transactions relating to a broad range of construction and infrastructure projects, including EPC and turnkey contracts, joint venture and consortia agreements, privatisation agreements, and public procurement. LALIVE regularly represent owners, contractors, subcontractors, investors and governments in complex construction and real estate disputes, be it in international arbitration and other ADR proceedings, including before dispute boards, or before local courts.


Replay 2021 online session: how IHIP construction contracts fits in the Global Shelter Cluster roadmap

The interactive report of the GSC 2021 Annual Event, which was held between May and October 2021, has been published on 31st January 2022.

This report includes the overviews of the opening, the thematic sessions, the working group and GSC’s communities of practice, the country-level presentations, and the data on participation and satisfaction and more. The recordings of the sessions are available as well. 

Enjoy browsing through the different sections in the interactive story map by clicking below:

GSC Online Annual Meeting 2021 Interactive Report

Move to “Open Sessions Overview” and select Session 3

3rd FEB 22 IHIP WEBINAR: 26 improvements in the new SHELTER condition of contract for construction


  • Head of the Global SHELTER Cluster Coordination Team (Introduction notes)
  • Elizabeth Palmer, Global Construction Lead at Save the Children International
  • Kitty (Villani) Cohen, International Consultant, Vice-Chair FIDIC IFI Committee, Member of DBRF, Member of AACE international
  • François Baillon, IHIP managing director

Discover the 1st edition of Conditions Of Particular Application to FIDIC SHORT FORM of Contract for the SHELTER construction works.


Last November 2021, after surveying, collecting and consolidating feedback from the SHELTER sector and Global Shelter Cluster members, IHIP published the first condition of particular application of contract for SHELTER construction works.

Join this upcoming webinar to learn all about the items included by the IHIP SHELTER Contract Committee in this new document addressing SHELTER needs in terms of contracting for construction and how its 26 improvements can de-risk your SHELTER projects:

The 26 improvements :



Below is the list of updates addressed in those conditions of Particular Application (COPA):

Release of the IHIP Harmonized Conditions Of Particular Application to FIDIC SHORT FORM of Contract for Shelter Construction Works

Discover the 1st edition of the Harmonized Conditions Of Particular Application to FIDIC SHORT FORM of Contract for Shelter Construction Works. This is the result of the work done by IHIP Shelter contract committe consolidating the results of the surveys circulated to the Global Shelter Cluster members and to the Shelter Sector in December 2020 and March 2021.

26 improvements have been identified by the committee to derisk SHELTER projects during the humanitarain response:




The International Humanitarian Infrastructure Platform (IHIP) extends special thanks to the following members of its Shelter Contract Committee:

 Ammar Al-Mahdawi , Senior Technical Shelter Officer – UNHCR
 François Baillon, Managing Director – IHIP
 Kitty Villani-Cohen, International Consultant ARCBLUE ASIA – Vice Chair FIDIC IFI Committee & Member of DRBF
 Richard Dewhurst, Doctoral Researcher – Loughborough University
 Philipp Huebner, Construction Project Manager – ICRC Water & Habitat
 Wamidh Shammas , Contracts Specialist – UNICEF
 Liz Palmer, Global Construction Lead – Save the Children International
 Alexander Van Leersum , Process manager – BuildtoImpact

IHIP would like to thanks Save the Children International for sharing their construction contract templates with IHIP Shelter Contract Committee. IHIP would like to thank the Global Shelter Cluster coordination team, its members as well as the entire contributors to the surveys which played a major role to identify issues addressed in this document. This document has been established by IHIP with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and inputs from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

OXFAM AND FHI 360 replied to IHIP/ZOA call to action

As a follow up to the call to action by IHIP and ZOA circulated mid September 2021 to the humanitarian sector, both OXFAM international and FHI 360 replied to join the community of early adopters of the IHIP WASH COPA (Conditions Of Particular Application). Thanks to both of them, we look for forward to engage with those 2 additional great organizations through pilot project at the local level.

IHIP Call to Action with ZOA & DCHI

Be an early adopter of the improved contracts for construction in the WASH sector

Be part of the community of practitioners that are testing the new harmonised conditions of contract for construction for the humanitarian WASH sector.

In November 2020 the International Humanitarian Infrastructure Platform (IHIP www.ihip.earth) released the first edition of the harmonised conditions of contract for construction for the WASH sector. Built on the best practices from the private sector and input collected from the Global Wash Cluster members, IHIP consolidated all valuable contributions in a new set of particular conditions of contract. Those are specifically designed to derisk WASH projects, with a solid and relevant contract template allowing your organization to take on larger project with mature contract management inbuilt mechanism.

If you are planning to start a new WASH construction project for more than USD 50K, you can benefit from this available expertise and be an early adopter of the IHIP harmonised conditions of contract. We are already partnering with the NGO ZOA, which will be among the first implementers, but more partners are sought.

IHIP is looking forward to support you in using the contract and collect any contributions from our partnership to improve the conditions of contract when relevant.


Are you ready to be a contributor to the improvement of contracting in the WASH sector?

Deadline 30/10/2021

IHIP and the humanitarian WASH Sector at the 2021 World Water Week

Hosted and organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) , World Water Week is the leading annual global event for concretely addressing the planet’s major water issues. In 2021, World Water Week 2021 will be held entirely online, 23-27 August, with the theme Building Resilience Faster.

On 26th of August 2021, the humanitarian Water, Sanitation and Hygiene actors will present the 2020-2025 roadmap. IHIP as a co leader with UN-HCR of the inititiative exploring how best to engage with the private sector will contribute to this 60 mn presentation.