IHIP and UNHCR co leading the Wash Sector initiative on specialized Expertise.

On 10th March 2021 during the meeting of the steering committee of the Wash Sector, IHIP officialy became co-leader with UN HCR of initiative 3.2: Specialized expertise for the WASH Sector.

The objective of the initiative is to consolidate the understanding of and develop a strategy for the use of various pools of competent and skilled WASH professionals with specific technical expertise that can be predictably and rapidly mobilized to respond in emergencies (i.e., surge, talent pool, rosters etc.). This both at global and more local levels (whenever local options are feasible, they should be favored), and identify mechanisms to engage with effectively and leverage the capacity of other non-traditional actors in the humanitarian space including the private sector and academia – in terms of in-kind support technical and material support (e.g. use of tools, equipment, etc.). This includes how to better engage with the private sector where we operate, e.g. consultants, contractors, utilities/service providers.

The ultimate objective is to ensure that the right expertise is made available when it does not exist within the humanitarian organizations implementing a program/project.

IHIP, has a major role to play, bridging gaps between the humanitarian actors and the private sector.

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