Call to Action for early adopters

Be an early adopter of the improved contracts for construction in the WASH & SHELTER sector:

Be part of the community of practitioners that are testing the new harmonised conditions of contract for construction for the humanitarian WASH & SHELTER sector.

In November 2020 the International Humanitarian Infrastructure Platform released the first edition of the harmonised conditions of contract for construction for the WASH sector. In November 2021, we than released the first edition of the harmonised conditions of contract for construction for the SHELTER sector.

Built on the best practices from the private sector and inputs collected from the Global Wash and Global Shelter Cluster members, IHIP consolidated all valuable contributions in 2 new sets of Conditions of Particular Application of contract. Those are specifically designed to derisk WASH & SHELTER projects, with a solid and relevant contract template allowing your organization to take on larger project with mature contract management inbuilt mechanism.

If, in the coming 6 months you are planning to start a new WASH or SHELTER construction project for more than USD 50K, you can benefit from this available expertise and be an early adopter of the IHIP harmonised conditions of contract. We are already partnering with the NGOs ZOA, OXFAM & FHI 360 which are amongst the first implementers.

IHIP is looking forward to support you in using the contract and collect any contributions from our partnership to improve the conditions of contract when relevant.

This free support will be provided by IHIP through the online discussion forum on IHIP Construction Contract for the humanitarian sector (


Are you ready to be a contributor to the improvement of contracting in the humanitarian WASH or SHELTER sector?

Baseline Criteria: 

The organization must manage an construction project in the humanitarian context in the coming 6 months. The organization must have the ability to choose what conditions of contract will be signed between the parties ( Employer and Contractor). The organization should be ready to share the construction contract data with IHIP.