What is IHIP about?

Post emergency situations keep expending because of tensions on regional resources and climate instability, creating displaced population in many countries. More often there is no “back to normal” solution available. New mechanism to address long term demand in local infrastructure drives the collaboration between international humanitarian and development actors. The traditional humanitarian sector is not equipped to manage complex infrastructure projects and should benefit from the knowledge and experience of the private sector. Addressing the lack of reference, an efficient new working environment between NGOs and local Construction and Engineering Firms has to be setup to address the change in the size of infrastructure to be designed and the need to develop in-country capacities.

This shift in procurement mechanism would transform what is today considered as a humanitarian cost into a development investment, turning off track project into successful asset

The IHIP initiative implements a platform based network of qualified actors and resources for successful infrastructure project development in post emergency context.  As a result of a joined effort of 5 international organizations involved in post emergency humanitarian context, IHIP reduces the gap between humanitarian and development approach in managing infrastructure projects.

IHIP is addressing the need of humanitarian driven NGO to engage with the private sector in larger and complex infrastructure project designed to help those displaced population and the hosting communities . The primary focus is to harmonize private sector approaches to be applied in those countries subject to fragility, conflict and violence, mainly through forms of contract for construction.