Expected results

« By delivering harmonized resources to create an efficient procurement framework, IHIP will support humanitarian organizations and Consulting Firms to work together»

The ability of the humanitarian community to react in emergencies could be vastly improved by providing a platform that allows all partner organizations to share information and to host common forms of contracting and engineering systems, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and allowing humanitarian organizations to focus more on beneficiaries.

In this context IHIP proposes to help NGOs and Consulting firms to works together, developing the use of harmonized international best practices for successful infrastructure projects.

The opportunity for IHIP is to build on the existing FIDIC forms of contracts which have been used in the development context by the Multi-Lateral Development Banks (MDB) since 2005 at the international level.

This form of contract has been extensively used in the private sector for the last 50 years and gives a major role to the consulting engineers firms. Existing international humanitarian actors are also using construction contracts which are based on FIDIC forms of contracts, mainly ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross), The World Food Program, UNOPS and the Swiss Agency for development and collaboration. Some NGO are also using FIDIC contract such as Oxfam.

There has not been yet an initiative setup to issue a common form of contract for humanitarian and development actors building on this situation. IHIP is the platform that will use this common existing document to bring International donors, NGOs and consulting firms to work together under a dedicated form of contract harmonized to the volatile environment.