One result of IHIP’s work is to produce and circulate publications.

Our latest publication in May 2023 is the Harmonized Conditions Of Particular Application for Humanitarian Construction Works.

Our first publication in November 2020 is the Harmonized Particular Conditions of Contract for Construction for the WASH sector.

Our second publication in November 2021 is the Harmonized Conditions Of Particular Application for Shelter Construction Works.

Why use harmonized particular conditions?

Derisking with the harmonized construction contract:

  1. Harmonized contracts clearly delineate the roles and duties of the project owner, the engineer , and the contractor. They secure the various construction stages by allocating the risks in a fair and balanced mechanism to the party to the contract, which is more able to manage each risk. They also ensure that the local or regional private sector, and specifically engineering firms, have the opportunity to engage with owners of the projects (e.g. NGOs, UN agencies, etc) and advise them through the entire project, from financing to design, construction, and operation.
  2. Harmonized contracts also normally include mediation mechanisms to handle potential claims and disputes. Such mechanisms are important to keep projects on track when disputes tend to be a major issue.
  3. The harmonized contract proposes an approach to follow milestones and interim payment in coordination with the Engineer and the contractor. This allows the owner of the project, an NGO, or a public body, to stay in control of the project and build on the contract mechanism to have the engineer and the contractor partnering together to keep the project successfully on track.