Capacity building / Resources / Guides

It is recommanded to have some background understanging of how construction projects are to be considered in the humanitarian space. Go through the free 20 mn online course on construction standards. And then download the Construction Standard Guide (June 2021).

It is recommanded as a prerequisite to already know and understand the general conditions of contract of FIDIC short form of contract for construction. A useful resource to guide you in this process is the FIDIC Contracts (1999 editions) Guide 1st Ed (2000).

IHIP recommends to get appropriate training regarding the FIDIC general conditions of contract from FIDIC if required.

You can very quickly test your knowledge about construction contract with the following quizz on a third party website (not under IHIP privacy policy) : types-of-contract-in-construction-management


If you don’t have enough background we recommend the following resources to build up your knowledge:

  • For all official training about FIDIC general condition of contract please visit the FIDIC WEBSITE.