A 3 years MoU signed between the Federation of African Engineering Organization (FAEO) and IHIP

On April 12th, both boards of the Federation of African Engineering Association and IHIP signed a detailled MoU for the next 3 years. This MoU will facilitate the coordination between Engineering and Humanitarian organizations in Africa related to infrastructure works.

This MoU details how both of organization will join forces to promote a shared agenda. Building on the Conditions Of Particular Application to conditions of contract for humanitarian works, IHIP will share its knowledge and coordination mechanism with the members of the humanitarian sector. FAEO will share its network of qualified members throughout Africa. Crossed participation through working groups, workshops and conferences will allow best practices and consolidation of feedback to equip the sector with strong de risking procurement updates.

The common goal is to have local based engineering solutions to contribute as much as possible to the humanitarian response in Africa.