QUALIFICATION TEST 1st attempt FREE (45 min)

This series of questions is designed to qualify you to use the harmonized conditions of particular application to FIDIC SHORT FORM (1999) of Contract for Humanitarian Works.
The questions refer to the additional conditions specific to the conditions of particular application(COPA) of contract for construction proposed by IHIP. You need to have them with you and understand the mechanics of the FIDIC contract to be able to answer all the questions. You will be qualified if you answer all the questions correctly with a score of 100%.

You have a total of 45 mn to anwer them all. You need to have the COPA with you.

You have a maximun of 5 attempts.

The first attemps is free. Once you have attempt the test once you can try 4 more times for a 50€ fee each attempt (this is to encourage you to take the test seriously and genreate a bit if revenue for IHIP).

Click here for the  Qualification test 2nd to 5th attempt.

Below to start the 1st free attempt: