IHIP at the Global Wash Cluster 2022 annual Satellite Events

12 October 2022 @ 16 h 00 min16 h 50 min

Online session with panelist from DG ECHO / SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONALE / IHIP

Improving the quality of the humanitarian response: how the WASH and private sector actors are contributing

IHIP: François Baillon
FAEO ( Federation of African Engineering Organisations): Ovens F Ehimatie

Session description:

Quality in delivered WASH infrastructure within the humanitarian response has been a concern for the sector from multiple angles. Within the 2020 -2025 WASH Sector Road Map, Initiative 1.4 on WASH Quality Assurance and Accountability System (QAAS) the GWC and the implementing partners are developing an integrated system, with the aim to promote and apply quality monitoring process into National Cluster Partners and National Humanitarian WASH Coordination Platforms. The recently 2022 harmonized construction contracts for humanitarian works is opening the possibility for better quality assurance at the project level, through legal and binding mechanism, building on legal mechanism at the project level to feed and consolidate best practices into lessons learned.  In line with the donor’s perspective, the panelists will detail to the audience how we could achieve a workable quality framework for the sector and how existing good practices from the Shelter sector as regards the quality of the services provided can fit into the WASH humanitarian sector.

The session cover the following topic:

  1. Monitoring the quality of the WASH humanitarian activities from a donor’s perspective:
  2. Presenting the main conclusions of DG ECHO’s internal appraisal exercise as regards the quality of the emergency WASH actions.
  3. Voices from the field: experiences, feedback, and the main challenges that the DG ECHO’s WASH experts are facing in monitoring and assessing WASH projects
  4. Contractual mechanism for better quality assurance and quality control by IHIP
    1. Clauses of interest within Construction Contract for Humanitarian Works
    2. Auditing mechanism within construction contract
    3. Role of the National Quality Bureau
    4. Which role for the private sector? Feedback from Burkina Faso and Mali (Twigs)
  5. The AQA initiative: a comprehensive framework for quality monitoring in humanitarian settings? by Solidarités Internartonale

How can perspectives around infrastructure quality, contractual mechanisms and private sector vision be integrated into the AQA mechanism? Which contribution from local project to a country level vision

6.What we are missing to have a multi sectorial workable quality framework (discussion)

What harmonized quality assurance system?
Which quality level & indicators & certification to trigger a dialogue with nexus partners (and join trust funds mechanism)?

How the GWC could be equipped with standards when delivering infrastructure?

How to attract funding in a stable environment as well to support quality in a non-emergency context?